Automated data acquisition

Automated, continuous andunbiased data acquisition

Use advanced sensor technology with artificial intelligence to automate your acquisition of data

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Better cooperation, more security

With ilocator you can connect all service providers, organizations and their employees. Cooperation becomes easier and faster. And brings you complete transparency. Control over the execution of the agreed services has never been so easy and remains completely in your hands.


Working with GIS data

iLocator takes over your GIS data and updates it. This means that you can continue to work with your usual geographic system. No new installations, no additional costs. But much better output.


Working with Excel

If you want it to be fast and straightforward, simply export and share Excel data.


More users without additional costs

Add all users who should work with the system. Whether internal or external, there are no additional costs for you. Of course, you can track user activity and match it with existing data.


Easier reporting

If you work with different partners, you need reports that are adapted to different needs. ilocator tailors them, saves them and keeps them up-to-date.